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About The Artist


A Little Intro

Nicolo Van Lucas, is the artistic pseudonym of the Milanese painter Luca Ghilardi, chosen to pay homage to his son Nicolò as to always feel him close in this adventure throughout the world of art and life. He was born in Milan and now lives in Bergamo.
Ghilardi’s painting is full of strength and without second thoughts. It can be classified into “action painting”.


Here’s a brief collection of past and upcoming exhibitions:

  • 18/11/2021 – 10/01/2021 “Il Cigno GG edizioni” gallery. Rome, Piazza San Salvatore in Lauro 15
  • 3/10/2021-24/10/2021 Personal Exhibition. Rocca Paolina Gallery Perugia (PG)
  • 1/10/2021 International contemporary art exhibition. Stati d’Arte, Villa Fidelia, Spello (PG)
  • 15/07/2021 Participation in a charity auction for Christie’s Auction House. Rome
  • 10/07/2021: Permanent Exibition. At Niki’s Resort, Pieve d’Agnano, Gubbio
  • 19/06/2021 – 3/07/2021 — International contemporary art exhibition. 4ª Edizione Biennale di Genova
  • 2014 Personal Exhibition: Galleria spazio 14, Modena
  • 2011 Personal Exhibition: Galleria Ucai, Albenga (SV)