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Nicolo Van Lucas, is the artistic pseudonym of the Milanese painter Luca Ghilardi, chosen to pay homage to his son Nicolò.
Born in Milan in the 1960s and moved to Bergamo, Ghilardi’s style is full of strength and without second thoughts: it can be classified into action painting.

The resulting work emphasizes the physical act of the painting itself, it is an action not conceived, not designed, in the ways and in the final effects. It is a violent reaction chosen by the artist against meticulousness and technicality.
In his works one immediately realizes the artist’s congenital complexity, and the elementary nature that supports it.
Color is the real protagonist, because the artist knows how to dig deeply into it to bring out its transparent and luminous qualities. This culminates in the elaboration of a carefully researched technique acquired over years of creative experimentation.
This is the case for all great works and for those artists whose pictorial language has had a considerable spiritual travail.

His painting frees a cognitive experience that, while in tune with the rules of art, serves as a representation for the rules of life and of the force of the deepest love: that of a father.

To increase the expressive and emotional power of his works, Nico chooses large canvases which have sizes ranging from 120x150cm up to 200x200cm.


Genova: 4^ Biennale di Genova from June 19th to July 3rd 2021

Gubbio: Nikis Resort from July 7th 2021

Rome:“Il Cigno GG Edizione” Gallery from November 3rd to December 15th 2021

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